A ‘split’ system is where the indoor unit sits separately from the outdoor and is connected by refrigeration, copper piping and electrical wiring. Most airconditioners these days are split systems

Split systems generally provide the lowest possible noise levels both indoors and outside, and are usually controlled by an infra-red remote control for quick and accurate control of temperature, fan speed, 24 hour timing and air flow direction on some models.

The split type comes in many forms, the most popular being the Hi-wall type; there are also Floor Console, Underceiling, Cassette and Multihead types.

Hi-wall split air conditioner
These are the most common type of domestic air conditioners and are generally used to condition a single room. Usually fitted on a wall, or, for quiet performance, and an elegant look  in an opening specially cut in a bulkhead on the wall.

All cooling, heating and circulation components are contained in a case, usually mounted between 1.8 and 2.4 metres above the floor.


Floor Console
This system operates on the same principle as the Hi-wall except the wall mounted console is replaced by an attractive floor console usually mounted on the wall above the skirting board or under the ceiling of free standing on the floor.

A separation between inside and outside of up to 25 metres is allowable with the unit. The operation of this unit is achieved by a simple control located at the console.

Floor consoles featured here with outdoor unit and remote control

Multihead systems consist of one outdoor unit but multiple indoor units (up to four depending on the make/manufacturer).

Floor standing units
Daikin’s floor-standing split system air conditioners are compact and ideal for those wanting to position their unit at ground level.

They can even be semi-recessed into the wall. The units use either top, or top and bottom discharges, ideal for heating, with wide-angle louvres and top discharge auto-swing to efficiently distribute air right across the whole area. Daikin’s leading edge technology, together with quality design, delivers superior air conditioning to your home.


Ceiling Cassettes

Ceiling mounted cassette types are specially designed for false ceilings, and guarantee a smooth, modern interior finish. Ideal air conditioner for installation inside narrow false ceilings, only the decoration panel visible after installation.

A simple design makes it comfortable to the public eye in shops and small offices, as well as in living rooms.