Central Fully Ducted Reverse Cycle
A fully ducted system allows you to heat or cool your entire home, 24 hours a day. Or you can select the rooms you wish to air condition and save on running costs — for example living areas during the day and bedrooms at night.We also install volume blade controls to fine tune the airflow & therefore temperature to each room. There is an option for Multiple Thermostats, to continually adjust  the temperature in each zone and or room. Yes one room can be off, another 21 degrees and another 25 degrees.Ask us how ?

T.C. Air, can design, supply and install, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system, to an existing home, or to a residence being constructed or renovated. We will work with you and design a system off your plans, or conduct a survey of your home and create our own plan and design.Unfortunately this will cost you a cup of coffee, as nothing in this world, is free. ( white with one please )

We have also corrected and fine tuned existing ducted systems to allow them to work properly, and therefore more efficiently.

Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning operates from a central unit that air conditions your entire home through unobtrusive grilles located in the ceiling, wall  or floor.

Basic layout of ducted air conditioning in a house.


T.C. Air customers can be assured that we only install ductwork which has a high thermal and accoustic insulation factor (R – rating). T.C. Air will also make sure that the ducting installed is always sized correctly and run from point to point properly not just thrown in by sub-contractors trying to get the job done in a hurry.

Some contractors in the industry are unaware of how to design a duct plan, which results in incorrect ductwork causing noisy and inefficient systems. Undersized ductwork may save money in the short term, but will lead to problems down the track.

Below are some examples of different grilles, sometimes referred to as vents, outlets, registers, supply airs or diffusers.

The round ones are cheaper, the square Multi Directional Outlets (MDO’s) are more efficient, the longer ones (Linear Slot Diffusers) are slimline and more elegant, and there are many more to choose from (see www.polyaire.com.au). Ask us or come into our showroom and see for yourself.


Customised Temperature Control: Room by Room.