tcairT.C. AIR has spent over 20 years specialising in Home airconditioning. We are virtually ‘Illawarra Airconditioning’ exclusive, supplying and servicing Helensburgh to Gerringong. I believe your “airconditioned comfort home” should be felt, long before it is seen or heard.

DAIKIN, just like T.C.AIR, only do airconditioning. Our tradesmen, no matter what age or experience, still go to Daikin School for different models quarterly, keeping them up to date with the best the industry has to offer. So we have the best and most up to date service and knowledge to provide the Illawarra community and it’s residents.
T.C.AIR offer a 5 year Warranty on installation, as well as the DAIKIN 5 year Warranty on products.

T.C.AIR employ 10 local tradesmen, apprentices and office staff, with 5 vehicles on the road constantly servicing the Illawarra. All staff have a variety of airconditioning, installation and service history, as well as household electrical experience from 2 to 35 years experience in the field.
All vans carry numerous drop sheets, vacuum cleaners and spray & wipe, to clean up any mess. We also have one van purposely set up for service work, with all tradesmen, service qualified, but one who specialises in service work. Ask for Dallas.
We take ALL our own rubbish away not left in a box at your place somewhere!
Mistakes are made from time to time we are only human but we make sure all mistakes are fixed properly and promptly.


Did the last guy, who told you his product was cheaper, also tell you that;

  1. He provides any after sales service? Or worse still, that he has a huge service team, because they are always going back to their machines that have broken down, or simply just don’t work properly, or how he promised they would?
  2. We provide service and repairs, on all our brands, with a dedicated, qualified, tradesman & van, specialising, in annual services, as well as break downs because not much goes wrong with them, so breakdown work alone, is limited.
  3. Did the last guy tell you that his system wouldn’t work over 45 degrees,( remember those HOT HUMID DAYS ) or even 35 degrees, or under zero? Of course not, but that’s why he is cheaper !
  4. Did the last guy who was cheaper, tell you that his price included everything? “THAT THERE ARE NO EXTRAS”.. of course not, that’s why they are cheap!
  5. Did the last guy who was cheaper, tell you there is a 5 year warranty, but there are no parts available and nobody does their warranty work? Of course not, that’s why they are cheap!
  6. Did the last guy who was cheaper, tell you that your neighbours would never speak to you again, or you would never be able to hear anything over the noise of the airconditioner? Of course not, that’s why it’s cheap!
  7. Did the last guy who was cheaper, tell you that it’s cheap to buy, but, you won’t be able to afford to run it?
  8. Did the last guy who was cheaper, tell you that he is based in the Illawarra not from out of town Check the Phone number & the address to make sure ?
  9. Did the last guy who was cheaper, tell you he has been around for over 30 years specialising in The Illawarra for over 15 years and hopefully another 20 to come?
  10. Look in the Yellow Pages, grab an old phone book, see who was here then, and is still here now!
  11. Did the last guy who was cheaper tell you he only hires permanent employees, not part-time “throw ’em in and run” sub-contractors?
  12. Did the last guy who was cheaper guarantee to clean up the mess and get rid of the rubbish?

To make this dream a reality, we specialise in DAIKIN airconditioners. Like they say “WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO.”